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Tech Consulting

Opus Advisor Leads You Through Development

Opus Advisor technical business consulting for developing Websites | Shopping Carts | Software | Mobile Apps | Software as a Service. We help you build things better.


We review your ideas, concepts, and goals so that we can begin to understand your needs and recommend best practice solutions.


We recommend platform(s) and team(s). Out-source or hire-in? We work with your HR to obtain an optimized team.


We are a liaison between you and your development team. This can help speed up the whole process because we know the process.

Post Development

We offer corporate and ecommerce marketing recommendations with customized training to help you reach higher.

The Process

What We Do

Start Off Right

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Save time and investment by starting off with Opus Advisor. We recommend the right development team to take you down a straight path the first time. We have over 18 years experience developing our own on-line products and services and over 8 years developing successful projects for other companies. Now we offer consulting so that you can take advantage of our experience. We know the digital industry well with over 100 skills in programming on many platforms, we can recommend best practice solutions and the proper Dev team.

Avoid Pitfalls

We hear many stories of companies picking a development team without proper knowledge of what type of team they need. There are many technologies and many skills in the digital field. Most development teams are skilled in limited areas of programming. Do you know enough about the process to understand what talents are required? Our technical services department will carefully study your list of desired results and will establish the required skills to achieve your goals. With proper knowledge upfront, you can understand what team your project requires.

Your Liaison

Opus Advisor is your liaison between your ideas and your development team. We understand the process of building websites, applications, software as a service, computer and mobile apps. There are many things you will want completed using best practices, but you may not have knowledge as to the how and why. There will be coding, database management, security, user interfaces, quality assurance testing, and other key factors in completing your goals. Let us guide you through to launch.

Expert Guidance

Many choose a developer lacking some knowledge, proceed with their plan, and dive into production. Sometimes the process is stalled or the program is transformed into something that does not match the original vision. Occasionally this is required, but often it is miscommunication between unhappy client and the developer. With Opus Advisor's guidance we translate communications between your needs and the developer's production recommendations. If and when issues arise during the process, we are available to help you understand what is taking place and help the production members understand your desires. You are no longer kept in the dark wondering what all the technical terms mean. You feel more confident during the building stages. Knowledge between each party can make for smooth progress toward successful completion and launch.

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How We Work

We offer Tech Consulting via contract by the hour ($150/hour). If Opus Advisor is contracted prior to the start of development, there are no on-boarding fees. On-boarding fees are charged for initial analysis of existing projects that are currently under development. In the case of existing work, Opus Advisor will need to understand the project, it's current state, and all the members involved. There will be a short discovery period during the on-boarding.

Initial Start Up | Guidance Throughout Project | Short Term Consulting | Long Term Consulting | Post Deployment

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