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Localized Markets

If you wish to target a geographical market sector, Opus Advisor will lead you through the process. If you are servicing a specific geographical region, it is important that users in that area can find your company. If you have one or multiple locations that rely on localized foot traffic, there are many factors that need to be addressed properly. Most people search for local businesses using a digital device, your company location(s) must be listed and appear on local maps. Consumers also use search engines to find local companies. If your company does not fair well on search engines, you will not obtain your share of business. All of these issues and much more can be accomplished and raise your revenue.

Why Use Us?

We started out as a luxury product dealer. In 1997 we transformed our company into an on-line design/sales firm. We sold millions of dollars through our on-line company for 18 years. We learned from taking a brick and mortar business and converted it to a digital store front. Opus Advisor is not a traditional marketing firm. We believe in marketing for ROI. If we make a recommendation, it is because we know how to capture revenue through marketing.

Key Factors:

  • Does your location show up on digital maps?
  • Are you marketing on the maps?
  • Do you appear in local searches?
  • Can people easily find your company when searching for key words?
  • Does your website boost your localized foot traffic?
  • Are all your locations visible during searches?
  • Can your market audience sign up for news?
  • Does your website give you a return on investment?
  • Are you experiencing revenue growth?
  • Are you obtaining qualified leads?
  • Do you have a localized marketing plan?

Why do I Need Localized Marketing?

Successful companies utilize an efficient professional marketing plan to achieve growth. With the fall of print media and the transformation to digital, new marketing technologies have become the most powerful way to capture your audience. Some companies have utilized professionals that really do not understand how important it is to generate revenue from marketing campaigns. Small businesses have been hit hard by companies that create ineffective advertising. We often hear business owners complain that their website is a necessary evil that doesn't increase their productivity. If you are not excited about your current Internet marketing, you need to talk to us and obtain a plan that is proven to work.

Qualified lead generation - traffic that generates success and not just traffic.

Social networking, the power of referrals, reviews, and recommendations

GPS directions to your location

Search Engine key words and increased qualified traffic

Converting digital leads into closed sales

Reaching your full audience

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Everyone uses their phone to find businesses. First impressions make or break deals. If today's consumer can't find you, you are missing a large amount of business. If your website is outdated, ugly, not User-friendly, cannot mobile ready, you are loosing business. Let us analyze your business - we will recommend improvements to obtain return on investment.

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Regional Market Analysis & Marketing Plan

We study your current marketing, your competition, market size, search engine key words, and other important factors. You receive a written regional market analysis showing successful areas and sectors which could be improved upon. Cost $350-$500 per region depending upon the size of market. If we cannot find at least three areas of improvement, we will refund your analysis fee.

After the regional analysis is complete, we can provide a written marketing plan based on what we discover. The plan will contain proven marketing proposals to help you generate revenue. The marketing plan cost is $200.

We can provide custom marketing consultations and maintenance marketing consultations at $150/hour. If your project is larger and requires extensive work, we reduce our rate to $130/hour.

Website on mobile and PC

Marketing Proof:

Case 1: A New Hampshire cabinet manufacturer, Crown Point Cabinetry, sells tens of millions every year using the Internet as it's only showroom.

Case 2: A stock cabinet company in Indiana, CliqStudios, has sold 20,000 kitchens from their on-line store.

There are millions of successful companies achieving great profit margins from marketing on-line.

Website Review

We provide a complete market analysis of your website and your search ranking. We also investigate your current web server technology, your domain health, and email service health. Then we provide a report on our findings. The report will contain information as to important improvements that will help you obtain business growth. The website review cost is $350.

Additional Services

  • Security review of your on-line payment system $975
  • Review of your social media marketing $150
  • Corporate Training is custom quoted by class size, class topic, and location.
  • We work with your HR department so you can hire qualified teams $150/hour

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