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Successful corporations know today's marketing proven methods, and those buzz words are mentioned everyday. We want to help you understand what market ideas are important to your firm and how you can maximize your ROI. We analyze your business to determine key concepts and how to implement them. Opus Advisor provides consulting, planning, and referrals (to professional partners) with the goal of achieving more by utilizing proven practices.

Our Key Marketing Sectors:

  • SaaS Revenue Generation
  • Internet Marketing
  • Website Development
  • Brick & Mortar Transformation To Digital
  • On-line Payment and Revenue Generation
  • On-line Bookings (Rentals, Appointments, Contracts, Etc.)
  • On-line Subscription Services
  • On-line Sales and Services Revenue Generation
  • Shopping Cart Websites
  • Non-Profit Organization Promotion
  • Email & Social Media Marketing

What We Do:

Transform corporate and small business practices into digital content that generates strong ROI. We work with top professionals in the field to achieve your goals.

Qualified lead generation - traffic that generates success and not just traffic.

Corporate training for companies transforming to digital.

Training on how to create digital presentations.

Sales training - how to handle digital generated leads.

Training converting digital leads into closed sales.

Digital marketing 30 years experience.

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Do your clients say they found you on-line? Are you receiving revenues that track back to your website? Are you generating new clients from the Internet? Are you receiving high quality leads from your digital marketing? If you answered no to any of these questions, you should give us a call at 1-774-228-3902.

Kitchen & Bath, Building Industry Solutions

Why do we service the Kitchen & Bath, and Building Trade industries? We service many industries, but since we started our E-Commerce solutions in 1997 designing and selling luxury kitchens and baths, we have close ties and valuable experience in these markets. We sold and shipped millions of dollars in luxury products and serviced every state in the country. We had three private label cabinet brands and won top national sales awards for many years.

Most of the Kitchen and Bath, Building Industry, and small to mid-sized businesses have not embraced the move into the digital marketing arena. The building trades find it difficult to replenish and nurture a young workforce. Without the young, digital savvy employees, the transformation has been slow to come. In many cases modern ideas of up-to-date marketing have been misunderstood and often perceived as not applicable to these businesses. That is far from being true. If firms do not participate in modern market technologies, they suffer from lost lead flow, and lack of growth. This concept also holds back many small to mid-sized companies as virtually all marketing has become digitized. A few companies have understood the advances in marketing and are achieving exciting ROI, even when market sectors fluctuate.

Two tone kitchen

Industry Proof:

Case 1: A New Hampshire cabinet manufacturer, Crown Point Cabinetry, sells tens of millions every year using the Internet as it's only showroom.

Case 2: A stock cabinet company in Indiana, CliqStudios, has sold 20,000 kitchens from their on-line store.

These are just two examples among millions of companies that obtain ROI utilizing Internet Marketing. We do not recommend that you close your successful brick and mortar business and convert to a totally digital enterprise. Ask yourself, "Is my company taking full advantage of the digital marketing revolution?" Maybe you have tried digital marketing, but it hasn't worked for you. Some concepts do not work. If you are not seeing positive growth from your marketing efforts, you should give us a call at 1-774-228-3902.

How We Work

We offer a free consultation by phone to discuss your professional goals, current marketing, make some preliminary suggestions, and answer questions you may have. If you wish to contract with Opus Advisor, we have different methods of contracting:

  1. As your Marketing Advisor for small campaigns, you can contract Opus Advisor by the hour ($150/hr).
  2. Mid-sized projects with a in-depth market analysis and many campaign aspects require a personalized quote. These are typically done for companies with revenues over $3m. The overall costs vary (commonly $3500-$8000) depending upon scope and market area. We lower rates for contracts that require more time ($130/hr).
  3. Large campaigns that cover a large market (such as multiple states and campaigns) will be custom quoted based at a lower rate of $130/hr.
  4. Corporate Training is custom quoted by class size, class topic, and location.

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