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Opus Advisor Leads You Through Digital Marketing


We review your business model, past marketing, and goals so that we can begin to understand your needs and recommend the best solutions.


We analyze competitors, market trends, industry sectors, to understand your potential.


We find ways to innovate your marketing to help you grow. We offer solutions to help you capture more.


We recommend the team solutions so that your marketing efforts can be maximized. Training organization members can boost ROI.

The Transformation

We Offer Solutions

Transformation To Digital

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Taking traditional brick and mortar ideas and converting them to digital content is our specialty. We also help innovative companies bring their ideas to the digital market. Whether you want to provide software as a service (SaaS), attract new leads, marketing digital content, or selling products we offer sound solutions to help you reach your potential.

We Were Digital Pioneers

In 1997 we turned a brick and mortar luxury kitchen and bath company into an on-line business. Everyone in the kitchen and bath industry said it could not be done. That same year we broke records for largest Internet sale ($25k) until Boeing announced they had sold a commercial jet on-line. For eighteen years we won national sales awards and sold millions of dollars in luxury goods through digital means. Opus Advisor wants to help you grow.

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Market Reach

Digital market reach is beyond enormous. There are so many sectors and avenues to reach your share the numbers are staggering. How do you grow and how do you service your market sector? These are important discoveries that Opus Advisor can help you prepare for. Many companies grow in phases as they expand into new horizons. Budgeting, targeting, short and long term goals are all extremely important. Let us guide you along the way.

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Creative Solutions

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A company producing children's music wanted a portal that could keep children interested in their website. We developed an interactive on-line coloring board where children could draw (on the web page) using different colored digital markers. The user could save their drawing, print it, and email it to the company. It was a great hit among young artists. We created the custom application that ran on the web server. There are many was to stay connected with your market. Call Opus Advisor at 774-228-3902 to arrange for a consultation today.

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